About Us

About US

Strictly Botanicals was founded on the belief that there is always a homeopathic way to alleviate ailments that afflict us daily.  Homeopathic supplements, primarily plant based, have been used for thousands of years across various cultures and ethnicities.  We believe that using botanical supplements along with subtle lifestyle changes, we can control and rid ourselves of common ailments.



The team here at Strictly Botanicals are dedicated to developing curated botanical products that fit into our crazy and hectic lifestyles.  The team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we have all have a common issue that afflicts all of us.  We all live high stress lives that have taken a toll on our sleep wellness, anxiety issues, and various stressor induced illnesses.  Strictly Botanicals wants to spread our core belief that we should leverage nature and history of homeopathic supplements to find solutions to commons tress related disorders.  Our “Why” is huge – we know we can help people just like us in finding a botanical solution to overcome stress induced ailments.



We have been looking into various types of Botanical supplements for our kits.  The team has been following quite a bit of science that looking into Hemp Derived Full Spectrum CBD products.  We are focused on using all Hemp and other natural botanical products.  All of our Strictly Botanical Hemp derived do not contain any psychoactive components (aka THC).  The “How” is pretty self-explanatory as there are thousands of medical and scientific articles related to the benefits and uses of Full Spectrum Botanical CBD oils.



Strictly Botanicals has found an innovative way to develop curated kits for stress induced issues we face daily.  We have vetted all of our Hemp growers to ensure the quality of raw ingredients are GMO and Organically and sustainably farmed.  Our processing facility partners are all FDA certified and they all undergo rigorous third-party testing for potency and confirmation that the product is free of chemicals and molds.  Unlike many vendors out there on various ecommerce platforms and even local dispensaries – we ensure all our products meet and exceed all third-party lab tests and effective when used properly.  We stand behind our Strictly Botanical products, our “What” are the fabulous Strictly Botanical kits that we have developed and found effective for various stress induced illnesses.